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The IP Accounting - NITPICKER

New Nitpicker Version Available!!!

(nitpicker-1.2.1 and nitpicker-current-linux-20030807)


Nitpicker is simple, Nitpicker is efficient, Nitpicker is Open Source.

The main goal of Nitpicker is to gather informations about Internet Traffic (IP) and to store them comprehensible into *Flowfiles.

Here are some of the large benefits of nitpicker above other accounting software:

  • It is designed for speed
  • It is designed to run reliable under djb's daemontools
  • It consumes minimal processor power
  • It also runs with little memory
  • It does not banaly summarise the traffic
  • It stores all relevant internet traffic data for a comprehensible interaction (see documentation for more info)


Nitpicker is (currently) running under *BSD and Linux. It is designed for the berkley packet filter (BPF). (Sun Solaris® packet filter is currently examined). Linux doesn't have a device like the bpf, so you need to have libpcap ( Notice: We strongly recommend using *BSD )

*Refer to Documentation for more infos.

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